How Freedom Fence® Works

1. Instead of a fence, an underground wire defines your dog's boundary.
The wire is laid underground, an inch or two deep. Or, in areas where it won't be disturbed, it can simply be laid on top of the ground.

2. This boundary is connected to the patented Freedom Fence transmitter.
The transmitter produces a low frequency radio-like signal which travels through the wire. The current is extremely low...similar to flashlight batteries, so there's no risk of shock if the wore is accidentally cut.

3. Your dog wears a Freedom Fence receiver collar.
The purpose of the receiver collar is to pick up the signal from the wore when the dog approached the boundary you have set. You can set this range from a width of approximately one foot from the wire...up to 18 feet!

4. When your dog approaches this boundary, he receives a warning signal.
When your pet gets within range of the boundary wire, the receiver on his collar picks up the signal and emits a warning sound to remind him that he is near his boundary.

5. If the dog continues, he will receive a correction.
Your dog will be trained to know that the warning signal gives him time to turn back safely toward his property. If he were to continue over his boundary, he'd receive a harmless (yet unpleasant enough to avoid) correction.

6. Reminded of his boundary, your dog goes back to playing and exploring his territory.
Once trained, your dog will seldom, if ever, receive an additional correction. He will avoid testing his boundaries and spend time instead, freely roaming, safe in the territory you have defined.